Teaching Job Opening in Atchison College Lahore

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Teaching Jobs in Atchison College

Human Resources Department

Contact: 6363063 Extn. 218

The Human Resources Department is dedicated to the recruitment and retention of a quality workforce in support of student success. Its objective is to streamline personnel and performance management, by fostering human resourcefulness through enlightened and cohesive policies in Education, Training and Employment of faculty members.

HR Department aims to review and improve upon the existent/current policies pertaining to Recruitment, Retention, Training, Development and Up-gradation of the Faculty with a view to building their capacity and capability.

Career Development Pathway for Teachers

The HR Department is striving to play a more proactive and positive role in advising Faculty to focus on their career advancement. In-service teachers are encouraged to attend/participate in Training & Professional Development Workshops, Presentations, Seminars, etc organized by various training institutes, including CIE's specialized training sessions for O' and A' Level teachers hosted by the British Council, training courses at the Ali Institute of Education, Course and Career Counselling programs hosted by the USEFP, amongst many others.

Master of Education: a unique study opportunity

A special feature of the on-going Teacher Training program is the provision/offer of a one-year Master of Education course of study in collaboration/ conjunction with Beaconhouse National University, whereby pre- and in-service teachers are facilitated (financially and otherwise) to study and complete their intensive M.Ed. course and obtain their M.Ed. degree, whilst teaching at Aitchison College.

Revised Salary Structure

The HR Department is active in other diverse areas. Various innovations have been introduced in respect to: staff mobility and job rotation; performance monitoring with a view to promotion; revised grading structures leading to a substantial enhancement in staff salaries.

Job Opportunities / Applying at Aitchison College

Teachers, who are suitably qualified in their respective disciplines, are encouraged to apply for teaching positions at Aitchison College. Interested applicants are advised to fill out the attached Teachers' Application Form and mail it to the Human Resource Department at Aitchison College, Lahore and/or email their CVs to: hr@aitchison.edu.pk

Note: Right click on the following link and save target as to download the form, you need to open saved file in Acrobat Reader (PDF):

Right Click To Download Teaching Application Form

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